Digital differential pressure sensor monitors low air flows

07 May 2013

Omron Electronic Components adds a digital flow sensor as an alternative to a differential pressure sensor in air flow systems.

The D6F-PH sensor can be used to optimise energy efficiency in air conditioning and ventilation systems, like variable air volume and heat recovery unit systems, or for use in high quality medical equipment and industrial applications.The sensor is based on the company's MEMS thermal flow sensor chip and can measure with a wider pressure range than the commonly used capacitance-type and piezoelectric-typedifferential pressure sensors. Embedded ASICs carry out digital correction (linearity and temperature correction) making the sensor more precise and less influenced by temperature than conventional analogue output sensors, says the company.A digital correction algorithm achieves 3% RD precision. The flow impedance has beenincreased, to reduce the influence of the bypass pipe length and diameter and to give more stable measurements. The sensor is available in three versions, with measurement ranges from 0-250Pa, ±50Pa and ±500Pa. Current consumption is just 6mA with no load at supply voltage Vcc of 3.3V DC. The sensor features a digital I2C interface with 12bit pre-set resolution. Dimensions are 26 x 22 x 18mm.

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