Debug tools develop Zynq-7000-based design

01 May 2013

Lauterbach’s TRACE32 debuggers were used in the development of an FPGA based on Zynq-7000.

The design was created as part of the French ANR COMPA project and is based on a ZYNQ-7000 chip and uses two ARM Cortex-A9 hard cores and 24 MicroBlaze soft cores. These are used to implement systems that are dynamically reconfigurable to provide better performance in applications that are computing intensive and context sensitive.
According to the company the use of the debuggers reduced a project scheduled for many months into one that could be realised within weeks. Moreover, within a few hours the first MicroBlaze core could be debugged.
The latest release introduces full support for debugging asymmetric multi-core systems with multiple ARM and MicroBlaze cores. The target hardware is accessed via a single debug interface while the host machine runs multiple GUIs for controlling the debug session. The debuggers also supports the latest version of the MicroBlaze core, version 8.40.b.
The company will be presenting and exhibiting at the UK Device Developers’ Conference at Bristol, Cambridge and Manchester during May 2013.

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