University launches space project

30 April 2013

The University of Strathclyde’s reaches out to space and industry, launching the Strathclyde Space Institute.

As part of this week’s Engage with Strathclyde, aimed at strengthening links with industry, the University of Strathclyde launches the Strathclyde Space Institute.
NASA’s chief technologist, Professor Mason Peck will present the keynote address at the opening ceremony.
His lecture ‘NASA Technology Investments: building our future in space’, provides an overview of NASA’s ambitious programme of space exploration that builds on new technologies as it expands humanity’s reach into the solar system. It forms part of a two-day event looking at topics in space technology, addressing the research and technological challenges that will transform future space ventures and services.
According to Professor Colin McInnes, director of the University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory, Engage with Strathclyde is an important event in the University calendar and this year it will showcase the expertise in space research.
The Strathclyde Space Institute will be a platform for four existing space search centres at the University: the Advance Space Concepts Laboratory; which undertakes frontier research on visionary space systems through a research portfolio of over £6M funded by the European Research Council, EU FP7, the European Space Agency and industrial partners (EADS Astrium, Clyde Space); the Centre for Future Air-Space Transportation Technology, which researches space access and air transport systems;
and the Space Mechatronic Systems Technology Laboratory, which researches space related conceptual development of mechatronic technology and systems, including space robotics, space mechatronic system methodologies and manufacturing technologies and the Centre for Space Science and Applications which works on gravitational wave detection from space, space physics and the exploitation of satellite data for environmental monitoring of the Earth’s Oceans. Finally, the Scottish Space School provides an opportunity for secondary school pupils to spend a week at the University, taking part in space research and meeting NASA astronauts. Each year, a group of those attending are selected to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
Speaking ahead of the lecture, Professor Peck said: “I am honoured to be a part of the Strathclyde Space Institute launch. Strengthening ties between our space communities is critical, especially as we engage in globally important activities.
“I’m looking forward to sharing more about what NASA is doing to develop technologies that will take humans to an asteroid and then on to Mars, and learning what opportunities exist here at Strathclyde and around the United Kingdom for co-operation and collaboration.”

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