Crystal oscillators extends coverage for femtocell access

25 March 2013

VCTCXOs from AEL Crystals are primarily aimed at the Smallcell market

AEL Crystals has improved the performance of its VT5 VCTCXOs (voltage compensated, temperature-controlled crystal oscillators) which are primarily aimed at the growing Smallcell market. A Smallcell is a cellular basestation, typically in homes or enterprises and small businesses and connected to the service provider’s network via broadband.Currently, designs support two to four active mobile phones in homes and up to 16 mobile phones for business use. A femtocell allows service providers to extend service coverage indoors to access limited or previously unavailable service coverage.Initially, the oscillators are available in the 10 to 26MHz frequency range. The oscillators are supplied in a compact 5.0 x 3.2 mm package. They are rated at ± 100ppb (±0.10ppm) stability over a temperature range of +30oC to +65oC; rising to ±250ppb, ±0.25ppm when operating at temperatures from -40oC to +80oC. Stability, with respect to load and voltage changes, has been improved to meet ±10ppb and aging is specified to ±3.0ppm maximum over 10 years. The oscillators are available with clipped sine outputs and offer low power consumption (2.0 mA, 6.0 mW typical). They operate from 3.3 V and have excellent hysteresis and holdover characteristics.Samples of the 19.2MHz, 20.0MHz and 26.0MHz versions are available now.

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