Oslon black LED for discreet security applications

06 March 2013

Rutronik now offers the Osram's infrared Oslon black SFH 4725S, which has a wavelength of 940nm, making it virtually invisible to the human eye, and its black package reflects almost no ambient light

Its wavelength of 940nm instead of the common 850nm, makes the new Oslon black ideal for concealed security systems, like those installed in banks, on machinery and at border controls. The human eye is 130 times less likely to notice this wavelength, whereas camera sensors can easily direct this invisible radiation.

The compact, infrared LED provides a high optical output of 980 milliwatts from an operating current of 1A. Behind this high performance lies the Nanostack technology in which two emission centers are provided in one chip, almost doubling the light output. The SFH 4725S achieves a radiant intensity of 450mW/sr at an emission angle of 90° and therefore offers excellent illumination over the area being monitored. Measuring only 3.85x3.85x2.29mm, the infrared Oslon components are among the smallest IREDs with around 1W optical power. The beam from the IRED can be shaped by numerous conventional lenses to meet specific requirements.

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