StackiCap MLCC series available from TTI

06 March 2013

Syfer’s newest product family, the StackiCap series of large-size, high-voltage X7R Multilayer Chip Capacitors, is now available from TTI

StackiCap X7R MLCCs  offer a dramatic increase in the maximum capacitance values possible in larger case sizes and high voltages, thereby offering significant potential to save board space.

Syfer developed a patented technique to produce a single multilayer chip that reduces electro-mechanical stresses the body of the component, enabling thicker, larger devices to be produced which also offer greatly improved consistency and reliability over currently available products.

StackiCap devices will appeal to designers of high-voltage products that are tight on board space yet require maximum capacitance in a smaller footprint than previously possible.  In some instances, for example, using StackiCap will allow for a tenfold size reduction - from 8060 to 2220 case size. Using StackiCap in suitable applications, manufacturers will benefit from reduced component count and therefore lower assembly costs.

The first StackiCap parts available are the 1812 and 2220 case sizes, with 200V to 1.5kV and 200 to 2kV operating voltage ranges respectively. The 2220 500V StackiCap device features 1µF capacitance in a single chip, which Syfer claims is an industry first.  The 2kV part also features an impressive 100nF capacitance previously found only in much larger case sizes. Meanwhile, in the 1812 range, the 200V part also features 1µF capacitance, while the 1kV device features 180nF capacitance, previously only possible in larger size components.

This range is fully compliant with the EU RoHS Directive and is available now on a standard 8 week delivery for production volumes.

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