Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature eye scrolling?

05 March 2013

The next generation Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S4 mobile will be launched in ten days

The New York Times has claimed that the new phone will feature “eye scrolling”, a technology that can track the user’s eye movement. The last generation of Samsung mobiles had a feature that used the front camera to detect when a user’s eyes were open, and if so the phone would not drop into sleep mode. The new technology tracks the user’s retina and moves data on screen intelligently; scrolling up, down and stopping according to the retina position.

The story emerged after Samsung recently filed for a European and US trademark for Eye Scroll and Eye Pause. The eye scroll technology may be licensed from Israeli company Umoove, which showcased a similar technology at the recent Mobile World Congress. A video of the Umoove technology can be seen here;

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