MicroCare introduces the industry’s first ready to use bench top cleaning system

07 January 2013

MicroCare one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision cleaning, coating and lubrication products has launched its newest innovative cleaning system to the European market; the only ready-to-use bench top  cleaner that offers a number of proven advantages to traditional methods.

The MicroCare Circuit Board Cleaning Station incorporates products that will clean electronics and printed circuit boards so efficiently that it results in cost and time saving. The kit features MicroCare SUPRCLEAN Flux Remover, one of the industries most advanced solutions removing 100% of flux, oil and acrylic conformal coating.

Working alongside this solution is the MicroCare Trigger Grip, a quick, easy and efficient way of cleaning. The product makes each can of solvent last longer, therefore saving money, whilst ensuring precise and effective cleaning takes place.

With the solvent consumption reduced by up to 66% and less wastage, the money saving benefits of Trigger Grip is unrivalled. Productivity is also increased with the products precision application and ease of use making it faster to clean, increasing output by up to 9%.

Jay Tourigny, Senior Vice President of MicroCare Medical said: “The cleaning kit contains everything needed to safely clean virtually any kind of circuit board at the workstation. It eliminates improvised cleaning methods with an engineered system that conserves cleaning fluid and consistently delivers excellent results.”

When using the latest generation of the MicroCare Trigger Grip system the recommended four step cleaning process can be implemented properly, these include wet, scrub, rinse and dry. Because the applicator amplifies the cleaning power of new pure solvent with the mechanical scrubbing motion of the brush, it delivers outstanding results, far more effective than other cleaning procedures.

The cleaning station also contains the Bench Mounting Kit, which holds the system neatly at the workbench and can be tailored to meet a customer’s requirement with optional brushes.

The MicroCare Circuit Board Cleaning Station includes: (1) Reusable Trigger Grip-providing long service life, (1) Bench Mounting Kit, (1) 12 oz. can of high-purity SUPRCLEAN fluid, (2) package of 50 High-Performance Lint-Free Dry Wipes for maximum absorbency, and (1) Catalogue featuring critical precision cleaning products from MicroCare Corp.


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