Raspberry Pi returns to the basics with a free course

Author : Alistair Winning

04 September 2012

Alistair Winning
Alistair Winning

Raspberry Pi was always intended to be a tool to teach those new to programming the basics. However, the winners of the scramble for the first batches of RPi seemed to have other plans for the device...

Now, in an attempt to boost the original teaching concept of RPi, staff at the University of Cambridge Computer Labs, where the idea for the RPi was originally conceived, have designed a free online course intended to teach users to build a very simple operating system for the RPi in assembly language.

The Baking Pi course was developed by Alex Chadwick to guide users through the process of developing a very basic operating system in assembly code. There are initially 12 lessons, but more lessons may be added in the future. Each lesson mixes theory and practical work, with a full answer provided for the practical part. The lessons are written so that no prior knowledge of operating systems or assembly code is required, however a knowledge of programming would be helpful.

Each lesson is targeted at a very specific subject, but there is room for students to apply the knowledge gained from each lesson to other areas. By the end of the course, students should be able to put together everything that they have learned to make a very simple operating system.

Users that wish to take the course will need a Raspberry Pi with an SD card, a power supply, a computer running Linux, Windows or Mac OS X and can write to the SD card and a GNU toolchain compiler that targets the ARMv6. Full details of each lesson can be found here.

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