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Accurate frequency measurement sensor system

23 August 2012

MMS Electronics supplier of display and sensor products has made available a new Universal Sensor and Transducer Interface (UFDC, USTI and USTI-EXT).

The USTI can measure analogue sensor signals (capacitive and resistive) but also quasi-digital sensors. Quasi-digital sensors output the sensor data in frequency, duty-cycle or PWM format as used by accelerometers, tilt sensors and light sensors.

It can be a challenge to measure with a micro-controller accurately the sensor signal. Often reducing the quality of the sensor reading. By using the UFDC or USTI a high-resolution conversion is now available. The USTI is a fully digital CMOS integrated circuit based on novel patented methods.

The USTI can measure frequency, period, pulse count, rpm rotation speed, frequency ratio, duty-cycle, frequency difference and phase-shift measurements with a relevant error of 0.0005%. The 0.0005% error is constant over the full input frequency from 0.05 Hz to 9 MHz or 144 MHz using prescaling.

The USTI has a serial, SPI and I²C interface. In addition to measuring quasi-digital sensors the USTI can interface to resistive, including platinum resistors, resistive bridges and capacitive sensing elements. The small package size allows the USTI to be designed within the sensor offering sensor designers increased resolution, programmable accuracy and I2C, SPI and serial interface ports. An evaluation board EVAL-UFDC is available for 2 channel accuarate frequency, rpm and other time-domein measurements. For more information contact MMS Electronics Ltd.

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