Fully automated Thunderbolt transmitter compliance testing

02 July 2012

Fully automated Thunderbolt transmitter compliance testing
Fully automated Thunderbolt transmitter compliance testing

Industry’s only Thunderbolt simultaneous two-lane test solution offers fastest time to answer and also adds receiver testing support.

Tektronix has announced the availability of a fully automated transmitter (Tx) compliance testing solution for Thunderbolt technology that provides the industry’s fastest test execution and time to answer. Tektronix has also announced availability of set-ups to speed-up Thunderbolt receiver (Rx) testing tasks.

Thunderbolt is a transformational I/O technology that provides a leap in performance and flexibility over current I/O technologies. It provides two 10 Gbps bi-directional, channels on a single cable and simplifies the end-user experience with support for PCI Express and DisplayPort protocols. For engineers facing time pressure to finalise Thunderbolt-enabled designs and deliver products to consumers, Tektronix delivers the testing tools they need to minimise test set-up and runtimes while also offering deep insight into design issues.

The new automated Thunderbolt Tx test solution for Tektronix DSA70000 Series oscilloscopes is the first in the industry to offer state control for the device under test (DUT) and to support two-lane testing. Compared to other offerings that only support one lane at a time, the Tektronix solution significantly shortens test times and boosts engineering productivity. On the Rx side, Tektronix has released detailed set-ups for the 12.5 Gbps BSA Series BERTscope for faster and more consistent receiver side testing.

Another advantage of the Tektronix Thunderbolt test solution, particularly for physical layer debug challenges, is support for separation of bounded uncorrelated jitter or BUJ. This form of jitter is usually the result of crosstalk that occurs across adjacent high-speed lanes such as those used in Thunderbolt. Other jitter decomposition models incorrectly place BUJ in random jitter, making it difficult for designers to isolate crosstalk issues.

“With its combination of speed and compatibility with existing I/O technologies, we see Thunderbolt as the type of breakthrough technology that only comes along once a decade or so,” said Brian Reich, General Manager, Performance Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. “We have been working closely with Intel since the inception of Thunderbolt to develop a broad portfolio of best-in-class tools to help our customers efficiently bring Thunderbolt products to market.”

The Tektronix automated Tx test solutions and Rx test set-ups for Thunderbolt are available worldwide now.

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