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29 May 2012

Alistair Winning
Alistair Winning

Depending on which estimate you believe, lighting could use up to 20% of the total global energy generated.

If we are serious about saving fossil fuels, this figure needs to be cut drastically.

Fortunately, there are technologies being developed that have the potential to slash that figure. Every year technologies such as solid state lighting make inroads into more and more products, but are generally not mature enough to seriously fulfil the biggest market for lighting, in households.

There is no question that solid state lighting is much more efficient than conventional bulbs, but to replace conventional bulbs, solid state lighting also needs to have other abilities, such as easily dissipated heat and high light quality and dissipation. The most important demand on solid state lighting is that it should provide a complete solution that is delivered in a package that enables retrofitting into an ordinary bulb holder and can be run off the mains supply at a cost that reflects the benefits, but is not too expensive. Could this be the year that these technologies make that giant leap forward?

The answer may be found at the NEC on 13-14 June 2012 when euroLED takes place. euroLED is now in its ninth year and is widely recognised as Europe’s leading LED and solid state lighting industry event, bringing together experts, exhibitors and visitors for a two-day programme featuring a technical conference and major exhibition.

We also recognise the importance of lighting development at EPD, and that is why we have added a new lighting category to the e-Legacy awards. Advances in Lighting will reward the company that has made the biggest contribution to lighting over the last year. Nominations are now open, so if you’d like to propose a company you can do it on the EPD website here:

You can also nominate for the other five categories we will be featuring this year; Investment in Education and Training, Medical Advances, Alternative Energy, Environmental Design, and Contribution to Sustainability.

Nominations will close on 8 June.

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