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BEN-Z400F Lead free bench top wave solder machine

23 May 2012

Meet lead-free thru-hole soldering requirements totally, small footprint, support in-line production, AFFORDABLE PRICE!!!

Touch screen and PLC for controlling system, can stock more than 50 sets paramter! Include preheat temperature, solder pot temperature,conveyor speed, sprayer moving speed and alarm setting! Flexiable enough for different PCBs..

Branded electrical parts keep machine stable, under CE instructions machine's safty can be

Stepper motor for driving sprayer,rail/slider for guilding system, moving stable and small noise. Speed can be set!

Hot air convection preheating zone, motor and blower can be drawn at bottom of machine, heater can be drawn at rear of machine, easy maintenance!

Fully Ti solder pot, 100% no problem for lead-free! Solder pot in/out automaticlly, easy for solder pot exchangment!

Dektec - Professional Lead free reflow oven and wave solder manufacture!!!

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