Super Dry reports 37% revenue surge

14 May 2012

Super Dry by Totech has reported ongoing growth in its Americas Sales Division for Q1 2012
Super Dry by Totech has reported ongoing growth in its Americas Sales Division for Q1 2012

Super Dry by Totech has reported ongoing growth in its Americas Sales Division for Q1 2012. “We are extremely pleased that year on year Q1 revenue increase of 37% has surpassed all previous estimates,” reported Totech EU BV Managing Director Jos Brehler. “This is also another clear sign that comprehensive MSD management practices are gaining wider attention in North America.”

Super Dry is managed in the Americas by Protean Marketing Ltd and began nearly a decade ago as a distribution and technical support channel for Totech, the Japanese brand that invented ultra-low humidity cabinets in 1974 with patented Zeolite technology.

Rapid growth and new technology development was fuelled by European RoHS legislation that magnified the need to carefully control product failures caused by moisture sensitive devices (MSDs). Since then, Super Dry by Totech has become an independent engineering and manufacturing organization serving global markets with leading edge MSD solutions.

“MSD management practices in the Americas are still wildly inconsistent and often lack understanding of the scope of both the problems and the available proven solutions,” explained Protean Director Richard Heimsch. “The Super Dry technology is new to much of this geographic region, but has years of proven performance in markets where MSD control has been a higher priority.”

Designed to exceed the formidable challenges associated with IPC J-STD-033C and IPC 1601 for handling Moisture Sensitive Devices and PCBs, Super Dry XSD Series desiccant cabinets offer a process combining ultra low (<0.05g.m3) humidity and mild temperatures proven to replace oven baking of components and PCBs both safely and at a fraction of the cost. IPC 1601 prohibits the baking of OSP coated boards, and warns against baking any board types. The Super Dry XSD cabinets can dry PCBs and other moisture sensitive devices at high speeds without the oxidation and inter-metallic growth induced by baking. And, unlike vacuum or baking ovens, the XSD cabinets also offer cost effective long term and short term MSD safe storage solutions in full compliance with 033C specifications.

The XSD Cabinet Series has recently been expanded with two additional configurations that employ a unique, energy saving dual wall insulated steel and glass design and the U5002 ‘Dynamic Series’ closed loop dehumidification. Optimal humidity levels are below 0.5%RH and vapour content of less than 0.05g.m3. Recovery time after door openings, the most overlooked operational function of MSD storage systems, is unmatched at <240 seconds.

“We have not only developed solutions for a new electronics process problem, but they are also unmatched in environmental friendliness,” added Jos Brehler. “These systems consume less than 1% of the energy of traditional baking methods while at the same time reducing overall floor space and logistics.”

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