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Kistler launches modular test stand system

26 April 2012

Kistler has launched a modular test stand system designed for testing electric motors and gearing in the research and development laboratory, at production end of line and for quality assurance analysis.

The test stands can incorporate a wide range of torque and speed sensors with manual or computer control. The computer controlled test stands can be equipped with an integrated power analyser with up to 12 voltage and 12 current measurement channels to provide separate efficiency specification for the motor and converter.

The load on the motor under test is provided by an active brake working in four quadrants. Sensors to measure torque from 0.01 to 25,000 Nm, power from 2 W to 500 kW and speed up to 120,000 rpm may be combined with a wide range of mechanical components, power analyser for data logging, signal conditioning and data interface to produce a test stand to meet the most demanding specification. Standard and customised software packages may be specified.

The modular design concept allows a test stand to be supplied quickly and cost effectively to meet any specification using well proven sub-systems.
More information from:  sales.uk@kistler.com  or visit www.kistler.co.uk

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