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Advanced Frequency to Digital Converter with RS232, SPI & I2C

17 April 2012

Advanced Frequency to Digital Converter with RS232, SPI and I2C
Advanced Frequency to Digital Converter with RS232, SPI and I2C

The Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter (UFDC-1) is a fully digital CMOS integrated circuit based on novel patented methods for frequency, period, its ratio, duty-cycle and phase-shift measurements. Read more...

Many opto-electronic, pressure and temperature sensors present sensor data in frequency or duty-cycle format. In comparison with analog output (voltage or current), frequency signal output sensors have a lots of advantages, namely: a high noise immunity, high reference accuracy, wide dynamic range, simplicity of coding, multiplexing and interface.

Simple frequency-to-digital conversion can be performed by a low-cost microcontroller, but accurate measurements over a wide dynamic frequency range bring many design problems.

In order to get reasonable results the frequency-to-digital conversion should be based on the UFDC advanced methods for frequency measurements . Such methods must have a constant quantization relative error in a whole broad frequency range, scalable resolution, non-redundant conversion time and a possibility to measure frequency, which exceeds a reference frequency. Use of the UFDC eliminates all the above mentioned design problems.

The UFDC designed by Technology Assistance BCN2010 was voted best sensor product for 2011. For fast development we recommend using the EVAL UFDC Evaluation Board.

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