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Leading Edge Product Development

26 January 2012

Since 1991 AEL has developed as one of Europe’s leading vendors of Frequency Control Products. Our success is based upon a foundation of solid engineering knowledge, whilst also giving our customers a highly efficient total supply chain management service with globally competitive pricing.

AEL’s logistics operation allows products to be shipped directly to customers manufacturing sites in all areas of the world, as well as offering local stocking policies to assist with lead-time reduction initiatives.

Leading Edge Product Development

AEL Crystals offers a comprehensive range of Frequency Control Products and has a programme of continuous development on existing product ranges as well as introducing new leading edge products, these include:

MEMS devices – The new range of AEL MEMs devices offer low jitter outputs that are comparable or better than standard Quartz Oscillators.

These parts offer an alternative to standard Quartz based Clock oscillators in industry standard footprints (7050, 5032, 3225 & 2520) on very short lead-times (24 hours for samples and 2 weeks for production) and are very cost effective

The parts offer exceptional shock and vibration resistance and a wide range of stability and output options including HCMOS, LVDS, LVPECL & HCSL.

Low EMI Oscillators – Utilising Spread Spectrum technology these devices are designed to replace a standard clock oscillator (often the largest contributor to EMI within a circuit) and are a drop in solution reducing EMI by at least 9dB. This removes the need for additional components to meet current EMI requirements. They are available in industry standard 7050 & 5032 packages with frequencies from 3.600MHz to 200.000MHz.

These devices offer an immediate solution to customers facing EMI problems and can be utilised to push designs to market quickly without resorting to Expensive PCB re-designs and the associated time delays that this creates.

Dual and Switchable Output Clock Oscillators – Dual Output parts offer customers the option to utilise either two entirely separate output frequencies from a single oscillator (AEL HJ-600), allowing for reduced component count and cost on customers PCB’s.

Switchable Output Oscillators (AEL HC-600) allow the output frequency to be changed to one of two distinct frequencies, ideally suited to applications where product is sold into different geographical markets where frequency changes are needed to meet local regulations or applications.

The parts are available in an industry standard 5032 package and offer a wide frequency range of 1.000000MHz to 200.000MHz.

Ultra Low Jitter Oscillators – AEL are able to offer oscillators with LVPECL, LVDS & HCSL outputs that offer industry leading Jitter performance of 200~300fS. Available in 7050 & 5032 packages these devices are designed for high speed data transfer applications.

Femtocell Grade Reference Oscillators – The AEL VT53 range of VC-TCXO devices are primarily aimed at the short term stability requirements of designers within the Femtocell market and for other devices requiring extremely tight stability reference oscillators. These devices (available in 7050 & 5032 packages) offer excellent short term stability and immunity to effects caused by external influences to supply and load, In turn this reduces the need for reference frequencies to be synchronised by external sources on a regular basis.

Website Developments

During the course of 2012 AEL Crystals plan a number of significant enhancements to their website which can be found at www.aelcrystals.co.uk , these will include enhanced product technical information as well as real time stock data.

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