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AEL Crystals Ltd Release HMxxxR Spread Spectrum Oscillators

13 December 2011

AEL Crystals Ltd Release HMxxxR Spread Spectrum Oscillators
AEL Crystals Ltd Release HMxxxR Spread Spectrum Oscillators

Tighter EMC regulations can often prove to be difficult for customers to meet and can delay release of new designs into the marketplace, in many designs the clock oscillator is the most significant source of Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI).

As a consequence additional expense may well be incurred in reducing EMI to an acceptable level by means of additional filters and metal shielding. However, the simple substitution of a 7x5mm or 5x3mm AEL HMxxxR Spread-Spectrum Oscillator offers a significant reduction in EMI of at least 9dB.

The parts are a drop-in replacement for conventional clock oscillators, there is no need to change or add any other components, or change any of the current PCB layout.

This allows customers to release designs to market without time delays or any additional engineering costs. Unlike a conventional clock, the energy of a spread spectrum clock is distributed over a wider bandwidth between two predefined frequency boundaries by the frequency modulation technique. The modulation carrier frequency is in the kHz range, which makes the modulation process transparent to the oscillator output frequency. The controlled modulation process can be all on one side of the nominal frequency (down spread), which is preferred if over-clocking is impractical, or 50% up and 50% down, (centre spread).

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