Tektronix launches CALWEB version 5.1.5

03 October 2011

Upgrade to calibration management system adds graphical dashboard for improved asset management.

Tektronix has released version 5.1.5 of CALWEB, the company’s online calibration management system.

CALWEB increases the visibility of the calibration certification process for Tektronix customers by allowing them to manage their instrument inventory; monitor the progress of each individual service event performed by Tektronix; maintain an online history of all past calibrations and repairs and give visibility of all future calibration requirements.

“We believe that these enhancements in the new version of CALWEB represent state-of-the-art data filtering and presentation of data while making the system more intuitive for customers to access and navigate,” said David Carew-Jones, Vice President of Marketing for the Service Solutions Organisation at Tektronix. “Continued innovation and investment in CALWEB demonstrates our commitment to helping our customers increase their efficiency and give them greater insight into the management of their assets.”

CALWEB is known as an ideal tool to manage equipment location, ownership and service history. With the addition of a robust dashboard, CALWEB now delivers a high-level overview of critical information that customers need quickly to manage their instrument calibration programme and certifications. The new dashboard provides easy-to-interpret graphic indicators, lists, and charts. The drill-down capability also gives users the flexibility to move from analysis at an enterprise level down to visibility of individual pieces of equipment.

Furthermore, CALWEB informs users whether the calibration of individual assets is up to date, past due and in compliance with corporate policies. The dashboard offers a constant live stream of service event updates, and information provided can easily be downloaded to Excel for presentation and reporting.

A new approval feature has been added to aid customers that operate in very strict regulatory environments and are required to maintain proof that each calibration event has been approved. An integrated feedback feature has also been added so that customers now have the ability to approve, reject or send e-mail comments to Tektronix about the service they have received.

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