Munich is the home of organic and printed electronics

04 July 2011

The European trade fairs and conferences on the topic of organic and printed electronics – LOPE-C and Printed Electronics Europe – are becoming one from next year. The host and organiser of Europe’s biggest trade fair is to be Messe München and the new event will take place from 19-21 June 2012 at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre.

Norbert Bargmann, Deputy CEO of Messe München, commented: "We are looking forward to this co-operation with our partners which will enable us to offer a new and high-quality platform to all the manufacturers, industrial customers and research institutions engaged in the field of organic and printed electronics. With Messe München International as the host and organiser, all the players in this market will benefit greatly from our existing expertise in this sector, as we already have two successful leading trade-fair concepts in our portfolio – namely productronica and electronica – covering the broad spectrum of products and services in electronics and electronic applications."

Wolfgang Mildner OE-A board member and Managing Director of PolyIC GmbH and Co. KG, also welcomed the bringing together of the two events into a single leading European trade fair, to be held in Munich. "I am very pleased that the partners have come together and agreed on this grand solution. For the industry and for the further development of organic and printed electronics, a joint event is certainly the best and the strongest solution."

Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx said: “The printed and organic electronics industry has asked for Europe’s two largest events on the topics to combine to better serve the needs of the industry. IDTechEx and OE-A are delighted to have achieved this, and now with the new partner Messe München International we will develop and grow the event for the industry in Europe. The printed electronics industry will become a tens of billions of dollars industry within the next decade, and our combined European event is more than just a showcase for the current pulse of the industry – it will act as a catalyst to promote and grow the sector.”

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