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07 June 2011

Meggitt Sensing Systems releases Endevco general purpose 0.5in low-noise ISOTRON

Meggitt releases Endevco general purpose 0.5in low-noise ISOTRON.

The Endevco model EM26CF is a general purpose 0.5in ISOTRON (IEPE) microphone preamplifier, designed for direct compatibility with pre-polarised condenser microphones in support of a variety of precision acoustic test requirements.

It is designed for use with all Endevco pre-polarised microphones and incorporates use of an Isotron power supply to offer a low inherent noise level, large dynamic range and a wide frequency response from 2.5 Hz to 100 kHz. Its small and robust ceramic thick-film substrate construction offers high-input impedance and is shielded by a guard ring to minimise the influence of stray capacitance and microphonic interference. Preamplifier components are encased in all-stainless steel housing with an integral BNC output connector for maximum strength and durability.

In addition, EM26CF offers two user-selectable flush-mounted switch settings for optimal gain and filtering. Gain selections include 0 dB for normal conditions and +20 dB for enhancing weak microphone signals. Filter settings allow the user to select an A-weighting filter, as typically required for standard measurements; a linear setting, to allow the microphone signal to pass unfiltered; or a high-pass filter, to eliminate unwanted low frequencies. These settings offer additional flexibility, facilitating their use across a variety of applications, including vehicle pass-by noise testing, environmental noise analysis and building acoustics.

Recommended accessories for the Endevco model EM26CF include the model EM42AA handheld pistonphone calibrator which facilitates field checks of complete acoustic measurement systems, as well as the in-house calibration of measurement microphones; the model 4416B ISOTRON power supply (2-20 mA); and the model 133 three-channel signal conditioner.

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