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20 May 2011

Following a successful two-day conference last year, The SMART Group has announced an exciting two-day conference for later this year.

The 2011 conference, taking place from 5-6 October at The Oxfordshire, Thame, Oxfordshire, England, will focus on area array design, assembly, reliability, cleaning, and conformal coating.

In a recent survey engineers highlighted Ball Grid Array packages as one of the main causes of failure. Based on other industry database research, BGA is one of the most common internet searches. This is why this year’s conference covers area array technology and the growing need for conformal coating to reduce failures due to environmental challenges in commercial and high reliability applications.

The conference will also feature a number of presentations covering every aspect of area array technology. In addition, there will be two pre-eminent papers focusing on industry problems and solutions for area array packaging.

There will be a special award too for the best paper within the main body of the conference, and a representative panel from within the electronics industry will judge this.

Topics to be included during day one include:
• Industry trends on area array packaging
• Design and reliability of BGA and uBGA devices
• Soldering and joint reliability of lead free and mixed alloys
• Concerns over low ductility of lead-free solder balls
• Underfill or corner bumping - which is best?
• Overcoming pad cratering on laminates
• Impact on inspection standards, void size and reliability

Topics to be included during day two include:
• Design for cleaning electronics assemblies
• No clean or clean - which is reliable?
• Aqueous, semi aqueous or solvent choices
• Demonstrating area array cleaning reliability
• Coating and its impact of joint reliability
• Coating under BGA, is it a concern?
• Tin whiskers and benefits from coating assemblies

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