Over 100 clock IC products added to range

17 May 2011

Major portfolio expansion strengthens industry’s broadest range of clock IC and oscillator products

Major portfolio expansion strengthens industry’s broadest range of clock IC and oscillator products.

Silicon Laboratories has just announced an expansion of its timing IC portfolio in response to strong market demand for cost-effective, programmable timing devices.

The company has added more than 100 clock generation and clock distribution products designed for cost-sensitive, high-volume consumer, enterprise, communications and embedded applications. The portfolio expansion partly results from the company’s recent acquisition of SpectraLinear Inc.

Silicon Labs’ newly added clock generator and buffer products are designed to deliver the lowest power, smallest size and greatest frequency flexibility for cost-sensitive applications with timing requirements below 400 MHz. The clock generators use 20% to 40% less power than other clock products, significantly extending battery life in portable applications. They also have a 30% smaller footprint than many other clocks, with single and dual-output package sizes as small as 1.8 mm x 2 mm, making these tiny clock generators ideal for space-constrained portable and consumer applications.

The availability of one to four-PLL clock generator platforms ensures flexibility in matching cost and performance to application needs. Flexible clock architectures enable factory customisation to optimise jitter performance, functionality and system cost. Silicon Labs’ product configuration and ordering capabilities can accommodate late design cycle changes to clock parameters, enabling mass-customisation of timing IC solutions.

The new clock generators offer best-in-class EMI reduction technology by providing more than twice the configurability of other solutions for rise/fall times, output impedance, spread spectrum profiles, output skew and frequency. The ease of customising these signal parameters reduces EMI compliance issues, which helps speed time to market.

“The expansion of our low-power, small-footprint clock and buffer product lines significantly broadens Silicon Labs’ timing IC portfolio for cost-sensitive, high-volume applications,” said Mike Petrowski, General Manager of Silicon Labs’ timing products. “As the timing market’s leading technology innovator and the foremost ‘one-stop-shop’ supplier of mixed-signal timing solutions, we offer frequency-flexible, customisable, low-jitter clock and oscillator products for every price range, performance need and development schedule.”

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