Antenna testing sees investment

04 May 2011

Antenna testing sees investment
Antenna testing sees investment

A company is opening a new state-of-the-art base station antenna testing facility in Suzhou.

Deploying advanced technology wireless networks means bringing high performing RF Path components into the field, where network performance and the resulting customer experience are critical, every second of the day.

With China’s wireless networks deploying 3G technologies, CommScope is opening a state-of-the-art base station antenna testing facility to ensure the superior performance of its Andrew Solutions antenna portfolio in all types of wireless network conditions.

“The performance and reliability of base station antenna technology becomes even more important to the customer experience in 3G, 4G and the next generations of wireless networks,” said Ray Butler, Vice President, Base Station Antenna Products and Development, CommScope. “The new CommScope Antenna Performance Assurance Center offers our Chinese customers advanced testing services for ensuring the superior performance of their networks today and into the future.”

CommScope hosted a grand opening event for the CommScope Antenna Performance Assurance Center in Suzhou which was attended by company executives, customers, and government officials. The CommScope antenna testing centre will enable wireless operators and OEMs to conduct a number of performance, environmental, and quality tests on base station antennas in less time and with increased accuracy.

“The most significant enhancement is our addition of a new 128-probe testing system in a building designed specifically for optimised verification, which offers enhanced speed, accuracy, and ease of use for testing RF pattern performance,” said Butler. “We also offer a variety of environmental tests and other quality and reliability measurements, as well as training that explains how to make and understand antenna measurements in the near-field antenna range.”

CommScope offers quality and reliability testing for base station antenna systems in its Suzhou manufacturing facility. This testing gauges the long-term impact of various environments and conditions on antennas, helping determine product lifecycles and improve product longevity. CommScope manufactures many of its Andrew Solutions products in Suzhou including HELIAX coaxial cables, connectors, and cable assemblies; base station antennas; ValuLine microwave antennas and RF filters. The Suzhou facility was opened in 1997 by Andrew Corporation, which began operations in China in the 1970s and was acquired by CommScope in 2007.

“China remains an important market for CommScope, which is why we are glad to re-invest in our facilities here to deliver high-quality, superior performance antennas and other RF Path solutions to our customers,” said Butler.

CommScope has facilities in Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen, China to support the domestic wireless marketplace with broad product design and large-scale production capacities. CommScope has supplied coverage and capacity solutions for several large-scale projects in China including the National Center for the Performing Arts; Ministry of Environmental Protection Building; Taiyuan-Zhongwei-Yinchuan, Beijing-Tianjin and Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan high speed railways; the Beijing Subway and Shanghai Metro, amongst others.

CommScope also supports antenna testing at its Goa, India; Lochgelly, Scotland; Richardson, Texas; and Joliet, Illinois facilities.

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