Bus converter halves size and weight

11 April 2011

Vicor releases a high-efficiency, non-regulated MIL-COTS BCM bus converter.

The new MBCM270F450M270A00 completes a family of VI Chip power components for airborne, naval and land-based applications.

Operating from the typical 270VDC (230-330VDC) MIL-STD-704E/F power rail, the converter uses Vicor's proprietary Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) topology to deliver isolated power to a nominal 45 V rail at more than 96% efficiency, and more than 800 W/in3 power density, with a low profile of less than 7 mm, and weighing just 14.5 g.

Systems using the MBCM-series bus converters with downstream PRM Regulators and VTM Current Multipliers to drive pulsed power (such as radar) loads, radio and satellite communications, computing processors/ASICs and memory, have a 60% smaller footprint, 3% higher efficiency and enable complete powertrain systems which are 66% lighter than previous best-in-class solutions.

“Power-to-weight is a key metric for any mobile application – whether it’s air, sea, or land-based – and here, the MBCM270 has a four times advantage. It’s all about providing the system designer with small, efficient, lightweight systems with the right power to drive the end application,” says Stephen Oliver, VP of VI Chip Marketing and Sales. “That 3% efficiency improvement over previous best-in-class translates into half the power loss, which means half the fans, heatsinks, or coldplates, and the MHz switching frequency means smaller, lighter filters too, saving a lot of excess weight and size.”

The 45/48 Vout MBCM270F450M270A00 and its partner 28/33Vout MBCM270F338M235A00 bus converters are available now in SMT through-hole and thermally-enhanced VI BRICK package versions.

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