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Differential pressure sensor with extended range for medical ventilation

15 February 2011

Sensirion is launching the SDP2108-R as a high-quality sensor solution for measuring air flows in medical ventilation applications.

The new differential pressure sensor in the popular SDPx108 family combines high speed and high accuracy with an extended measuring range of 0 to 3500 Pa.

The SDP2108-R is based on the proven SDP1108-R, which covers a smaller measuring range of 0 to 500 Pa, and it has similar mechanical, electrical and physical characteristics. The SDP2108-R differential pressure sensor is fully calibrated and temperature compensated. It also features a very fast response time of 8 ms and provides an analog output signal with a range of 0-4 V. The root square output enables very accurate measurements at small differential pressure levels, while at the same time allowing the sensor to cover a wide dynamic measuring range.

Like all differential pressure sensors from Sensirion, the SDP2108-R features extremely high precision. The sensor utilizes the principle of thermal flow measurement to achieve outstanding sensitivity and accuracy even with extremely small differential pressures. Unlike membrane-type differential pressure sensors, the SDP2108-R exhibits very high stability and freedom from zero point drift. With an extended measuring range of 0 to 3500 Pa and a fast response time of 8 ms, the SDP2108 has been developed specifically for medical technology. In particular, it is an ideal solution for patient ventilation applications. The new SDP2108-
R is also an excellent solution for time-critical applications in process automation and HVAC control systems.

Website: www.sensirion.com/sdpx108
Datasheet: www.sensirion.com/datasheet-sdpx108

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