PCB Test and Debug exhibition returns

10 February 2011

ElectroTestExpo is to be held on 7 April 2011.

The ElectroTestExpo consortium has just announced the date of its second free-to-attend event for electronics design and test engineers.

The venue is a welcome return to Bletchley Park Mansion, former home of the WWII code breakers and now host to the National Museum of Computing. The event will combine presentations from industry experts, an end of day panel session and an exhibition area; all amid the relaxed and historic setting that is Bletchley Park Mansion; a site steeped in engineering excellence and innovation.

After the day’s formal proceedings, up to 50 attendees can join in a guided tour of the museum on a first-come-first-served basis; with pre-registered applicants taking priority.

A spokesperson for the ElectroTestExpo consortium commented: “Following last year’s inaugural event we issued a visitor questionnaire that confirmed industry’s need for (and the benefits of) a dedicated, consortium-led PCB test and debug one-day event. Such positive feedback has enabled us to grow the event by increasing the number of exhibitors and broadening the range of disciplines and topics.”

Each presentation will last approximately 40 minutes, allowing time for Q&As, and topics will include power supply measurements and analysis, self-test of switching matrices, and JTAG for functional test.

Consortium member Nigel Adams, of Aeroflex, says: “The challenges in today’s test environment require a more focussed approach than the traditional, wide-ranging exhibition can deliver. ElectroTestExpo is specifically aimed to address the needs of engineers looking to reduce cost and test times while improving measurement quality. Aeroflex is pleased to support this event.”

Exhibitors currently include Tektronix, GeoTest, JTAG Technologies, Aeroflex, Aster, MAC Panel, Pico Technology, TestWorks and Pickering Interfaces. Attendees are welcome to arrive from 09:00 onwards and the event is open to all electronic engineering professionals; however the organisers reserve the right of admission to unsuitable applicants.

ElectroTestExpo is an ‘ad hoc’ consortium of like-minded T&M and ATE companies looking to involve their customers in an interesting yet informal manner. By combining resources, the consortium expects that test and design engineering professionals will gain knowledge and ideas to further enhance their abilities at work.

The ElectroTestExpo is run on a not-for-profit basis by the combined efforts of the sales and marketing teams of the consortium member companies. For further details, contact: info@electrotestexpo.co.uk

The latest information on the presentation programme, and registration details, can be found at: www.electrotestexpo.co.uk

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