CASE STUDY - RCE boosts production

10 January 2011

The strategic alliance between test equipment supplier Microlease, and Agilent Technologies has allowed Italian company RCE to create ever more complex designs and greatly increase its production capabilities

RCE is a designer and producer of RF and microwave filters. These are critical elements of data and television transmission, an industry that is under pressure to deliver ever bigger capacities and higher speeds with absolute reliability. For RCE this has led to the addition of a second production facility to meet demand.

Both the design and production stages require advanced test and measurement equipment to ensure the sub-assemblies are working optimallym so RCE turned to Microlease to discuss the best solution. Together, they identified the Agilent PNA-X family of instruments, and Microlease proposed a flexible lease programme which ensured that engineers always had the right tools to hand.

“The innovative architecture of the Agilent PNA-X is a new approach, which results in a tremendous improvement in calibration and test speed,” said Riccardo Mattioli, General Manager of RCE. “That gives us extremely high accuracy and repeatability alongside the ability to control and measure multiple parameters simultaneously. With the speed boost we get from the Agilent instrumentation, it translates directly to cost savings in production and increased confidence to ship.”

Raffaele Gatta, Sales Director of Microlease’s Italian office, added: “Our alliance with Agilent allows us to propose really powerful test solutions for our clients which make a big difference to their commercial as well as technical efficiency. Through our long association with RCE we were able to understand their requirements and offer a solution which helped them achieve their goal of becoming a leading global player in RF and microwave with extensive and advanced production capabilities.”

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