MANAGEMENT - Comparing clean rooms

29 November 2010

Quality managers in semiconductor, aerospace, composites, electronics, nanotech, and other high tech industries requiring clean room environments can now obtain a guide to evaluating costs of monitoring critical environments while controlling risk factors from Veriteq.

Six different modalities for continuous monitoring used in manufacturing and processing clean room environments – chart recorders, standalone data loggers, wired LAN networks with UPS backups, wired LAN networks using Power over Ethernet; WiFi; and Wireless Mesh – are systematically explained and compared in terms of costs of ownership and risks of non-compliance with customers’ quality specifications.

Ken Appel, Manager of Regulated Industries for Veriteq, a Vaisala company, and author of the white paper explains that he wrote it to address the overlooked sources of human error inherent in various monitoring modalities, and to provide a systematic way for quality managers to weigh the pros and cons of different approaches to continuous monitoring.

Appel says: “Whether you choose one method over the other or a combination, you will have to decide what makes the most sense in your organisation. There is no one solution that fits every situation. Always though, a concern is to address the level of risk you can afford, and to know what these risks are. Understandably, these decisions do not occur in a vacuum. Physical plant layout, existing IT infrastructure, support resources and management buy-in to name a few, will likely influence your path.”

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