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19 October 2010

The OLS10K family of 10kW high-voltage power supplies for use in a range of ion and electron beam systems and other applications

Compact high voltage power supplies and X-ray, ion-beam and electron-beams at electronica 2010.

Amongst the products being shown on the HiTek Power stand will be the company’s 600W and 400W series of ultra slim, lightweight high voltage power supplies housed in a 1U high chassis. Careful design of power electronics and thermal management has enabled these supplies to provide output power of 600W or 400W from units measuring only 430mm x 500mm x 42mm.

The 600W and 400W families use air as the primary insulation medium. The 600W units offer output voltages from 1kV to 80kV, with output currents ranging from 7.5mA to 600mA, depending on output voltage. The 400W supplies offer output voltages from 1kV to 80kV, with output currents ranging from 5mA to 400mA. Positive or negative output polarities are available to order.

Both of the families offer full digital front panel control and monitoring. Customised remote interface options are available, incorporating digital and analogue control and monitor signalling. The units incorporate HiTek Power’s proprietary arc count and extinguish (ACE) arc management system, which continuously monitors the output of the supply and can be programmed to perform a number of different actions if one or more arcs is detected. This dramatically improves the reliability of the entire system in which it is installed.

The new supplies are suitable for a wide range of applications, including ion implantation, X-ray systems, ion and chemical vapour deposition and general laboratory use.

HiTek Power will also be showing its OLS10K family of 10kW high-voltage power supplies for use in a range of ion and electron beam systems and other applications. Two versions are available, both housed within a single 6U 19in rack-mounted chassis. The Series OLS10K has been developed to offer alternatives to the separate chassis of the successful Series OL6000, OL8000 and OL10K supplies, resulting in a 40% lower volume than previous supplies, coupled with considerably lower weight and cost. These highly reliable, rugged systems are mains powered and provide a range of maximum output voltages from 1kV to 80kV. A parallel option offers a maximum output power of 20kW. Also available is the Series OLS10KD, which features a dual-supply configuration to offer a very wide dynamic range.

A number of features are incorporated to ensure that system integrity is maintained during adverse operating conditions. These include continuous primary current monitoring with fast pulse truncation and soft start, extensive thermal monitoring and automatic shutdown on key components, passive output current limiting for instantaneous surge control and independent output overvoltage sensing. HiTek Power’s proprietary ACE) system is also incorporated for active arc management. Full remote control and monitoring is available via a 25-way, D-type connector and an RS232 interface, both fitted as standard. The unit also features a full range of front-panel controls and indicators.

HiTek Power’s capability in the X-ray generator power supply market will be demonstrated by its XRG70-703; a compact high-voltage power supply that has been developed for high-performance analytical and measurement X-ray applications. Output voltage is 0 to 70kV at 0 to 1mA and maximum output power is 70W. The unit also incorporates a 5.5VDC, 3.5A grounded-filament power supply.

The combination of surface-mount technology, high-voltage stress control and innovative packaging techniques ensures a compact, but highly reliable product. The XRG70-703 measures 127mm wide, 73mm high, 233mm deep and weighs only 3.2kg. This makes it the smallest on the market for its power and output voltage capabilities.

The new supply is a member of HiTek Power’s grounded-filament range of products designed for use in grounded-cathode applications. The filament supply is automatically controlled by the integral beam-current loop control and the power stage uses a current-fed resonant push-pull converter to give high efficiency while ensuring reliable operation. High levels of remote control and monitoring meet the needs of modern X-ray systems to be controlled more finely and the growing need to protect ever-more-expensive tubes.

A version of the XRG70-703 incorporating an RS232 interface offers remote monitoring of output voltage and current, filament voltage and current, voltage and current demand, and maximum and standby filament currents. It also offers remote control of output voltage and current, slew rate, and maximum and standby filament currents.

A range of standard options enables HiTek Power to offer a wide range of custom versions of the XRG70-703 to meet specific requirements.

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