Panasonic launches 'Green Plan 2018'

08 October 2010

Panasonic launches 'Green Plan 2018'
Panasonic launches 'Green Plan 2018'

The Green Plan 2018 outlines initiatives all Panasonic Group employees should carry out, with specific areas of activity and numerical targets to fulfil its goal of becoming the number one Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by 2018.

Panasonic has announced its Green Plan 2018, an environmental action plan that will guide the company and accelerate its efforts towards fulfilling its goals for the 100th anniversary of its foundation in 2018.

Panasonic has placed the environment at the centre of all its business activities as the company strives to become the number one Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by the centennial anniversary. They will attain this vision through two innovations: the Green Life Innovation which realises a green lifestyle to enrich people's lives by implementing the ideas Panasonic proposes, and the Green Business Innovation to minimise environmental impacts of its operations and promote its optimum green business-style to the wider community.

The Green Plan 2018 outlines initiatives that all Panasonic Group employees should carry out to achieve the industry's number one status in the green indexes that the company set for its centennial vision.

The plan also describes specific areas of activity and numerical targets. Through the united efforts of every Panasonic employee, the company will accelerate the integration of its environmental contributions and business growth to become number one.

Key Points of the Green Plan 2018 include:
Reduction of CO2
• Making net CO2 emissions peak and declining thereafter (covering emissions from production activities and product usage, including offsets by creating energy) achieving a size of contribution in reducing CO2 emissions equal to 120 million tons compared to the base level in Fiscal Year 2006 ended in March 2006
• Expanding the sales of Energy Systems Business to 3 trillion yen or more
Resources recycling
• Achieving waste recycling ratio of 99.5% or more with the ratio of recycled resources used against total resources used at 16% or more, pursuing recycling-oriented manufacturing to make the best use of resources
• Minimising net water consumption
Chemical substances
• Minimising environmental impact caused by chemical substances
• Identifying impact on biodiversity and contributing to conservation
Number one eco-conscious products
• Doubling the sales ratio of number one eco-conscious products sold compared to the level in FY2010 ended in March 2010, expanding it to 30% of the total
Co-operation with society
• Co-operating with stakeholders to enhance environmental contributions, extending environmental education to reach two million children and planting 10 million trees worldwide

These Eco Ideas Forum marks a starting point for Panasonic to further strengthen its Eco Ideas Relations (eR), a two-way approach in communication with the public, while the company implements the Green Plan 2018. Panasonic continues to step up its ‘eR’ activities by engaging the public in a variety of programmes.

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