Lowest on-state resistance

20 July 2010

Rutronik extends its portfolio with Extra Super-Junction Device from ST Microelectronics

Rutronik extends its portfolio with Extra Super-Junction Device from ST Microelectronics.

The MDmesh V power MOSFET STW77N65M5 in TO-247 size package delivers the industry’s lowest on-state resistance for 650V MOSFETs.

Designers can use this superiority to improve performance and reduce overall size by replacing multi-parallel networks of conventional MOSFETs with a far smaller number of MDmesh V devices.

The STW77N65M5 is rated for 69A maximum current and available in the TO-247 package through distributor Rutronik.

MDmesh V technology delivers the lowest on-state resistance per unit area compared to conventional MOSFETs and competing super-junction devices. Benefits of this superior low-loss performance include increased efficiency, higher power density and lower operating temperatures, leading to better reliability in applications such as PC and server power supplies, solar-power converters, welding power supplies and UPS equipment, where conduction loss has a major influence over efficiency.

The devices also achieve low switching losses, thereby enabling an overall efficiency boost across a wide range of applications and operating conditions. MDmesh V power MOSFETs are available in industry-standard package styles including TO-220, TO-220FP, I2PAK, D2PAK, DPAK and IPAK.

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