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The GPEG Display Technology Showroom

22 April 2010

Imagine…a ‘state of the art’ design resource situated in the heart of London that features the best and latest Flat Panel Display Technologies on permanent display. Imagine… how seeing our products with your own eyes, as an alternative to web based searching, will add a new dimension to aid your display technology choice.

Created by GPEG International Ltd., one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing display technology providers, in response to customer requests, the Display Technology Showroom provides real-life answers for product developers, conceptual and industrial designers looking to select the best flat panel display solution for new product designs and upgrades.
This valuable resource is fully supported by GPEG’s experienced, factory trained, electronic and mechanical engineers who will help with technology selections and advise on electronic and mechanical design rules.

What’s the catch… there is none; we hope that by visiting us and seeing the multitude of display technologies and solutions we offer, that we will in turn benefit from an early introduction to your new product designs.
See first hand how GPEG delivers on its promise of providing ‘stunning displays that are brighter, clearer and easier to use’.

Contact us now to book an appointment:
Tel: 08704 931 433 Fax: 0208 181 6751 email: rodney.tietjen@gpegint.com

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