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3V displays with 12C, SPI and touchscreen

25 February 2010

MMS Electronics Ltd has introduced EA DOGXL 160-7. A new display with 12C and SPI interface. 3.3" display, 160x104, view area 72x64mm, outline only 78x64x6.5mm.

MMS Electronics Ltd has added new screen sizes the EA Graphic displays. DOGXL160-7 (160x104), DOGL128-6, DOGM128-6 (128x64), DOGM132-5 (132x32) and a small DOGS102-6 (102x64) to the very successful alphanumeric DOG displays (1x8, 2x16 and 3x16). All displays have SPI interface and the DOGXL160-7 has SPI and I2C. These displays and optional backlights are designed to operate from a single +3.0V to 3.3V supply (graphics) and +3.0 to 5V for the alphanumeric displays. Display can be personalised by the combination of various display technologies with the 5 different backlights colours or RGB backlight. Assembly is easy; simply clip the display and the backlight unit together. The overall height is only 2mm and with backlight height is still only 5.8mm. A 4 wire analogue touch-screen is ready available. All modules are available from stock.

MMS Electronics Ltd Tel 01943 877668 or visit: www.mms-e.co.uk

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