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25 January 2010

GPEG announces its latest innovation in LCD technology 'Fast Switching' Liquid Crystal Displays. Using new generation technology produces an 8 colour LCD with bright and clear images.

This technology uses a RGB backlight together with a fast switching liquid crystal to display the colour pixel and replaces the traditional colour filter. Each pixel can display eight colours with high contrast and a wide viewing angle.

The FS series of colour LCD displays offers an economic alternative to full colour display solutions and allows you to upgrade a monochrome display to a colour display at a very competitive price.

Applications include, white goods, industrial devices, instruments, meters, and information displays.


  • Eight colours per pixel, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, black and white
  • Parallel and/or serial interface
  • Low power
  • High contrast >100:1
  • Wide viewing angle>140 deg
  • No colour filter
  • Low cost

For a demonstration of these exciting new displays please contact GPEG: Tel: 08704 931433

Fax: 0208 181 6751 http://sales@gpegint.com  or visit www.gpegint.com

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