SMD disk varistors

24 November 2009

TDK-EPC, a group company of TDK Corporation, has launched a sample kit with EPCOS SMD CU varistors

TDK-EPC has launched a sample kit with EPCOS SMD CU varistors.

The electrical parameters of these CTVS (ceramic transient voltage suppression) components correspond to the leaded disk varistors of the proven EPCOS series SIOV-S05 in case size 3225 and SIOV-S07 in case size 4032.

The varistors contained in the sample kit cover a voltage range from 16 to 385V DC and are designed for surge currents of between 100 and 1200A and a standard pulse of 8/20µs. Depending on the type, a maximum energy of between 2200 and 23,000mJ can be absorbed for 2ms. The components have a maximum AC operating voltage exceeding 130V RMS and thus satisfy the requirements of UL and CSA. All CU varistors in the sample kit are RoHS-compatible and can be operated at temperatures of up to 85°C without derating.

In addition to the standard series for industrial and consumer electronics, the sample kit contains special series for automotive electronics and telecommunications applications.

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