Ceramic success

25 August 2009

New ceramic chip capacitors from TDK offer high capacitance for 100 V applications

Wide-temperature characteristic ceramic chip capacitors are suitable for use in automotive engine compartments.

Using dielectric thin-layer and multi-layering technologies, TDK has reduced the gaps between the ceramic dielectric layers by 40% compared to earlier products. In addition, sintering conditions were optimised to maintain the reliability needed for capacitors in automotive applications, while also enabling package size reductions and increased capacitances.

As a result, TDK’s new mid-voltage ceramic chip capacitors are around 50% smaller than the previous generation of devices at equivalent capacitance values. The new capacitors are available in a range from the smallest C1005 device (0402 size; 0.01 µF) to the largest, the C5750 (2220 size; 10 µF). The devices are all rated for 100 V operation.

TDK’s new mid-voltage capacitors feature X7S temperature characteristics (temperature range of between -55°C and 125°C, capacitance variance of ±22%). This makes them suitable for use in automotive engine compartments and in the switching power-supply smoothing circuits required in industrial equipment.

These capacitors are expected to be widely adopted in new environmentally-friendly electronic products, such as eco-friendly cars that use less fuel and emit less carbon dioxide. These green efforts have been supported by the increased use of electronic equipment which in turn has increased market demand for smaller on-board electronic components.

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