Is your CE mark still valid for EMC?

20 July 2009

With effect from today (20 July), products approved against the old EMC Directive (89/336/EEC) will no longer be valid. As a consequence, this will invalidate any CE marking that is affixed to products based on this directive.

There has been a two-year transitional period in which manufacturers have been given time to update their testing and/or documentation to the new requirements, but this transition period ends on 20 July and all products must comply with 2004/108/EC from this date.

In most cases, manufacturers will only need to update their product's Declaration of Conformity (DofC), labelling and documentation to reflect the new directive, but in some instances, limited additional tests may be required to upgrade to the standards listed in the current version of the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) for 2004/108/EC.

With this change in the directive, it is a good time to review the compliance status of products, as re-design and substitution of obsolete components can often unintentionally invalidate approvals.

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