Cable power

30 June 2009

Flexible power cables for armoured vehicles and land systems.
Flexible power cables for armoured vehicles and land systems.

Power cables for advanced fighting vehicles offer increased current capacity or reduces copper size.

Designed specifically to meet the ever-increasing demand for power on advanced fighting vehicles, Habia's HI-FLEX power cables offer the system designer a choice of increased current capacity or reduced copper size. Habia has also designed a new flame retardant, low smoke and zero halogen version of HI-FLEX, called HI-FLEX ZH, which will find applications where halogen is a health threat in areas such as automotive and mass transport.

Use of advanced ‘Omnigard’ sheathing material in combination with ‘Roctech’ low friction separator tape and an ‘S-line’ high stranded conductor gives a high degree of flexibility for ease of installation in confined spaces. It also provides increased flex-life for dynamic applications such as remote weapon stations, electric turrets and hybrid electric drive systems.

Habia's HI-FLEX power cables are able to withstand mechanical shock and vibration, exposure to oils and fluids, extreme environmental conditions, NBC attack and wash-down.

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