Direct contact stencil cleaning system

24 June 2009

Gen3 Systems has announced the launch of its new Gensonic Stencil Cleaning System.

In making the announcement, Managing Director Graham Naisbitt said: "The Gensonic stencil cleaning system has been designed, developed and manufactured by Gen3 Systems to offer the most effective yet economical aperture cleaning system on the market. Solder pastes and glues left in stencil apertures, cause significant amounts of poor solder joints leading to extensive and costly re-work. Wiping them over with a cloth is rarely sufficient – we challenge you to compare the two methods and see for yourself.”

The Gensonic System is a manually operated ultrasonic generator equipped with a single 40kHz transducer unit for cleaning Stencils used in printing solder pastes and glues. An additional transducer head can be employed for some tougher applications. The Gensonic can be used either directly on the printer or the stencils can be taken to the Gensonic SCC Stencil Cleaning Centre. The SCC’s are available for both of the common stencil sizes.

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