Varistor saves space

26 May 2009

New miniature chip varistor with BGA terminals offers 33% saving in board mounting area.

Varistor with BGA terminals offers 33% savings in board mounting area and provides EMI filtering.

A miniature chip varistor, named AVF26BA12A400R201, was released by TDK Electronics. It uses a Ball Grid Array (BGA) terminal arrangement to reduce board mounting area by 33%. It has been developed in response to the requirement from manufacturers of mobile phones, portable games consoles and other mobile electronics products for smaller and more integrated components.

Although just 2.6 mm × 2.6 mm × 0.65 mm, the AVF26BA12A400R201 offers both Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) counter-measures and an
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filter function. Each chip contains 30 elements and can be used to create 10-line ESD counter-measures.

The capacitance value of the chip is 40 pF at 1 MHz. The device is 33% smaller than previous generations of TDK chip varistors, but because of its integrated EMI filtering capability it provides further space savings by eliminating the requirement for separate EMI counter-measure components.

The AVF26BA12A400R201 was introduced to provide high-performance ESD protection and EMI filtering capability to the latest generation of mobile electronic devices. Products such as mobile phones have steadily become smaller while incorporating more advanced functions in recent years, and as a result, further miniaturisation and integration of the electronic components used in them are necessary.

In addition, the use of lower IC operating voltages is accelerating, as manufacturers strive to extend device operating times by limiting power consumption. This means the creation of environments that are even more susceptible to the effects of high-voltage static electricity. As a result, ESD counter-measures to prevent the malfunction of devices and damage to their components are essential.

The AVF26BA12A400R201 meets this need by providing dependable ESD protection combined with EMI filtering in a BGA package suitable for mounting on the space-constrained circuit boards found in portable electronics devices.

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