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01 May 2009

Jean-Louis Evans, Managing Director at TÜV Product Service
Jean-Louis Evans, Managing Director at TÜV Product Service

Product testing and certification company, TÜV Product Service, has won a contract to provide services under the MasterCard global Terminal Quality Management (TQM) programme.

The TQM scheme was created to assure retailers that the functionality of chip terminals, as certified during sample testing by EMVCo, can be sustained in a manufacturing cycle. Under its contract, which is non-exclusive, TÜV Product Service will ensure that chip card terminals meet the TQM standards, including ATMs, interface chip and pin modules, and the new contactless devices.

As part of the outsourcing of the TQM programme, TÜV Product Service will approve newly developed card terminals at the point of design and during manufacture. It will also carry out regular factory audits of the 50 plus terminal manufacturers across the world. This will ensure that quality is not compromised as the product evolves when manufacturing processes are modified or materials changed throughout the lifecycle.

Jean-Louis Evans, Managing Director at TÜV Product Service, said: "The programme will ensure that as modifications are made to the production line of previously approved terminals there are no unintended changes to product reliability. This will mean that the customer experience of using their card always remains a positive one."

Toni Merschen, Group Head Chip at MasterCard Worldwide, said: "The aim of TQM is to ensure that chip transactions work every time. To reach this objective it is essential that the production process is delivering terminals that are identical to the terminal samples approved by EMVCo. The TQM programme is therefore a key element to maintaining a positive brand experience."

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