Fastest PC-to-handset file transfer

20 March 2009

Cypress introduced a new module for its West Bridge® peripheral controllers that offers the fastest available transfer of multimedia files from a PC to a handheld device via the widelyused Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). Cypress's Turbo-MTP™ solution enables users to sideload a feature-length movie in less than a minute – 10x faster than competing MTP implementations.

The Turbo-MTP solution increases the effectiveness of MTP, a USB-based protocol used by online video and music services. MTP enables the transfer of song titles, images, and Digital Rights Management (DRM) information. With MTP, a handheld retains access to storage even while plugged into a PC – users can still make a phone call or watch videos while connected. MTP also removes any risks of file corruption when users unplug their handheld during a file transfer. Natively supported in Windows Media Player (WMP), MTP protocol enables direct, drag-and-drop synchronisation between WMP and a handheld.

The West Bridge Antioch controller achieves superior data transfer performance by providing a direct path from high-speed USB 2.0 to handset storage devices such as Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC), MultiMedia Card (MMC), Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and NAND Flash. By fully offloading management of USB and storage from the main baseband processor, the controller saves critical processor resources and allows a mobile handset to maintain full functionality while simultaneously sideloading multimedia files, synchronising PIM data, or even using the phone as a PC modem. The Astoria controller adds to this with a configurable multimedia storage interface and flexible processor interface, easing connections to a broad range of embedded processors and mass storage devices. These features allow the Astoria controller to connect to any embedded processor or DSP, bringing MLC NAND support to new applications including portable media players (PMPs), wireless cards, dongles, portable navigation devices (PNDs), digital cameras, POS terminals and more.

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