Converting to 48V DC rail

14 January 2009

V.I. Chip has a complete powertrain solution for high voltage DC distribution.

The subsidiary company of Vicor Corporation has announced the availability of a 330W, 380V to 48V DC, 1/16th brick footprint BCM bus converter to complete the powertrain conversion to processor and memory loads in HV DC distribution data centres.

Their VIB0002TFJ uses a MHz-switching ZVS, ZCS sine amplitude converter (SAC) with a high power density of 1150W/in3 and over 95% efficiency, providing over 4000V of safety isolated 330W power for downstream loads.

In parallel ‘eco-array’ configurations, 380V to 48V conversion is achieved at over 90% efficiency from 10% light load all the way to full-load at multi-kW power levels. The new BCM provides a vital link in the progression to 380V DC data centres, enabling a safe and elegant conversion to the industry-standard 48V DC rail. From there, it is an easy and efficient step to high current, sub-1V loads using established factorised power architecture components. The small size and high power density allows a flexible architectural choice for the system designer to locate the power conversion stage per rack, per shelf or even per individual processor blade.

The BCM V.I Chip package is compatible with standard pick-and-place and surface-mount assembly processes.

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