Acceleration sensors for PC data protection

23 December 2008

Freescale Semiconductor is providing advanced acceleration sensor technology to Fujitsu.

Fujitsu is using Freescale three-axis accelerometers to help protect business-critical data stored on HDDs in mobile PCs.

Robust, energy-efficient HDD data protection is required for a wide range of mobile PCs, from entry-level to high-end laptops used in business and commerce.

Freescale’s 3-axis, low-g MMA7341L acceleration sensor helps safeguard data stored on HDDs used in Fujitsu’s FMV BIBLO LOOX R series PCs. Featuring a lightweight robust design, the LOOX R series PCs are designed to store data on HDDs for a variety of business needs in various locations.

When used in HDD designs, the MMA7341L sensor is designed to quickly detect an abnormal condition, such as a freefall, and retract the magnetic heads used for data read/write operation. This capability helps to protect data by preventing the HDD disk surface from being damaged. The MMA7341L sensor also features +/- 2 mg/degree (max.) for 0g offset voltage and 0.0075%/degree (max.) for sensitivity. These temperature characteristics can significantly reduce the potential for error in HDD applications.

Freescale integrates its acceleration sensors, which are widely used in automotive applications such as tyre pressure monitoring systems, into small plastic packages to enhance reliability and help reduce overall system cost. The cost effectiveness and dependability of these sensors will help accelerate the adoption of HDD protection technologies into laptop PC models.

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