Active ORing family halves space

15 November 2008

At this month’s electronica in Munich, Picor (, a subsidiary of Vicor, launched the Cool-ORing family of full function active ORing and discrete active controllers for redundant power architectures in high-availability systems.

The family reduces power dissipation, according to the company, by up to x10 compared to conventional diode ORing solutions. This means that there is no need for unnecessary thermal management overhead in
a form factor that has been reduced by 50%. The family also maintain benchmark dynamic response in comparison to conventional active ORing devices.

The PI2121, PI2122, PI2123 and PI2125 are active ORing devices with integrated high-speed ORing MOSFET controllers and low on-state resistance MOSFETs. They are designed for redundant bus applications and provide low power dissipation with a fast dynamic response, typically within 160nsec, to system level power source fault conditions, according to the company. The PI2121 is an 8V, 24A product for 5V or less bus applications. The PI2123 is a 15V, 15A solution for 9.6V or less bus applications and the PI2125 is a 30V, 12A device for 12V bus applications. They are packaged in land grid arrays which are
thermally enhanced and measure 5mm x 7mm. Typical on-state resistances are 1.5mΩ, 3mΩ and 5.5mΩ for the PI2121, PI2123 and PI2125 respectively.

Each device can use a master/slave arrangement to address higher current require-ments. They can also detect normal and excessive forward, light load and reverse current flow through the internal MOSFETs. Each will indicate a fault if the maximum junction temperature exceeds 160°C. Undervoltage and over-voltage thresholds are programmable via external resistor dividers.

As for Active ORing controllers, the PI2001 is a discrete, high-speed active ORing controller intended for use with industry-standard single or paralleled MOSFETs.

The PI2003 controller is optimised for –48V redundant power architectures and is suitable for systems that require operation during input voltage transients up to 100V for 100msec.

The PI2122 has a circuit breaker that integrates a high-speed MOSFET controller and low on-state resistance MOSFET, all in a 5mm x 7mm land grid array package. It is designed for use in redundant
power system architectures and is suitable for 5V or less bus applications for added protection against
load fault conditions.

The 7V, 12A device has integrated back to back configured MOSFETs with an effective 6mΩ typical onstate
resistance. It is, says the company, a true bi-directional switch, with dynamic response to both input power and output load fault conditions typically within 140nsec and 170nsec, respectively. When excessive forward
current, over-temperature, under or over voltage conditions are detected, it turns off the internal MOSFET to provide a load disconnect. There is also a user-programmable auto-retry off-time during excessive forward current fault conditions.

Finally, the PI2002 is a high-speed active ORing controller IC with a load disconnect that is designed for use with industry-standard back-to-back N-channel MOSFETs.

The controllers are packaged in either an eight-lead SOIC or a 3mm x 3mm 10-lead TDFN.

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