Diagnostics & Programming Tools from STMicroelectronics Support SEGGER Debugging Technology

22 March 2024

In order to assist embedded system developments based on the STM32 32-bit microcontroller units (MCUs), the STM32CubeProgrammer and STM32CubeMonitor tools from STMicroelectronics have now been integrated together with SEGGER’s high-performance J-Link debug probes.

The STM32CubeProgrammer streamlines the reading, writing and verifying device memory resources, thus streamlining development workflows. Complementing this, the STM32CubeMonitor can be employed for real-time fine-tuning and diagnostics purposes. It enables the creation of customised dashboards, via which system examination can be conducted. 

"Adding J-Link support to our STM32CubeProgrammer and STM32CubeMonitor reflects our dedication to providing developers with a comprehensive and flexible ecosystem,” notes Laurent Hanus, Microcontroller Ecosystem Marketing Manager at STMicroelectronics. “Its inclusion underscores the importance of J-Link in advancing embedded development, and we are excited to offer this capability to our user base."

“This collaboration with STMicroelectronics allows organisations that already use J-Links to start working immediately with the latest STMicroelectronics tools,” Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager at SEGGER, adds.

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