Load Switches with Sophisticated Functionality

15 March 2024

Rutronik is now supplying the advanced LQ050XX load switch ICs from Littelfuse.

Available in form factors with dimensions from 0.77mm x 0.77mm x 0.46mm through to 0.97mm x 1.47mm x 0.55mm, these ICs are compact enough to fit into even the most space-constrained of application settings. Among the places where they can be employed will include home automation systems, portable consumer electronics, IoT infrastructure, healthcare equipment and wearables. As well as delivering high degrees of operational performance, they also only draw minimal power. Highlights of this product range include: 
 - The 2A-rated LQ05021QCS4 - This has integrated slew rate control to help enhance system reliability and reduce voltage fluctuations on the bus. 

 - The compact 4A-rated LQ05041QCS6 - Which also has built-in slew rate control.

 - The LQ05021RCS4 - Featuring true reverse current blocking (TRCB) technology.
 - The LQ05022QCS4 - Which supports a wide input voltage range and exhibits high levels of operational robustness.

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