New Bridging Functionality Added to Open RAN FPGA Platform

29 February 2024

Strengthening its position in software-defined networking (SDN), Lattice Semiconductor has implemented further upgrades to its Lattice ORAN solution stack - which is based on the company’s low-power CertusPro-NX programmable logic technology.

On Version 1.2, PCIe Gen3 x4 to JESD204B x4 interface bridging has been added, along with allowing the 4-transmit/4-receive (4T4R) MIMO antenna that it is connected with to support 100MHz instantaneous bandwidth on a medium power RF amplifier. The company has also demonstrated a new 5G data path reference design for small cell usage. This will be applicable in relation to industrial automation, automated guided vehicle (AGV) navigation, smart city installations, etc.

"The growing 5G small cell market is fuelling the need for programmable, low-power, low-latency solutions," states Matt Dobrodziej, Lattice’s CVP Segment Marketing and Business Development. "The latest Lattice ORAN solution stack incorporates important new features and capabilities to help telecom customers quickly build and deploy secure, low-power, performance-optimised 5G small cell solutions that can be easily adapted as standards continue to evolve."

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