Supercapacitor Units Exhibit Strong Power Density Attributes

23 February 2024

Intended for use in either high-current or industrial settings, the Kyocera AVX SCM series of supercapacitor modules can now be procured via distribution specialist Rutronik.

These units offer capacious energy storage characteristics (with up to 500F values on some models). Their operational ruggedness ensures that extensive working lifespans are supported. By having high capacitance along with very low internal resistance (ESR) figures, these units offer elevated power densities. They can comfortably deal with high current levels and frequent charging/discharging cycles, as well as exposure to acute vibrations. A -40°C to +65°C temperature range is covered. Among the applications that can be addressed by these modules will be renewable energy equipment, grid-connected storage, back-up power sources, energy harvesting installations, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), power peak buffering, etc.

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